Chapter Committees

Below you'll find complete descriptions of each committee and the Board Director responsible for that committee. For more information or to contact that committee, visit the Chapter Leadership page to send the chapter administrator a message with your desire(s).  Get Involved TODAY! 

Chair of Annual Gala

This committee reports to the Direct of Special Events and is responsible for organizing and planning the annual charity event.  Responsibilities include finding an event location, coordinating the invitation, planning the menu and entertainment, and soliciting silent and live auction prizes.  Proceeds are split between the chapter and a local charity.

Sponsorship Program  

This committee reports to the Chapter Advertising and Sponsorship Representative and oversees and maintains our chapter sponsorship program.  Responsibilities include raising money for the chapter, soliciting sponsors for any of the chapter’s programs or publications, sending letters and following up with sponsors to make sure they receive their sponsorship package. 

Membership Incentive Program

This committee reports to the Vice President of Membership and develops the ongoing incentive and recognition program.  Responsibilities include generating enthusiasm for recruiting new members, soliciting sponsors and prizes for the contest, keeping track of members who are eligible for the contest, and planning the portion of the awards program in May to announce the contest winners.

Monthly Program 

The chairs of this committee reports to the Vice President of Education and are responsible for planning the monthly programs.  Responsibilities include finding a meeting location, coordinating the invitation, scheduling a speaker, planning the menu and entertainment, creating the program agenda, and generating a profit for the chapter.


This committee reports to the Vice President of Communications and produces the quarterly newsletter.  Responsibilities include working with the chapter administrator to produce the newsletter, finding members to write articles, soliciting members/nonmembers for advertisements, and keeping members informed of upcoming events and activities.

Briefs and Acknowledgements

This committee reports to the Vice President of Education and produces the monthly Briefs and Acknowledgements as a Power Point presentation for each monthly meeting that lists the agenda, program sponsors, new members and other pertinent information.  Responsibilities include writing and producing the B&As, updating members on upcoming events and member accomplishments, and soliciting a possible sponsor for the Briefs.

Awards Program

This committee reports to the Director of Special Events and plans the annual awards program.  (This chair may also serve as the Chair for the May program).  Responsibilities include creating a special program to announce the annual chapter awards - Chapter Leader of the Year, Chapter Planner of the Year, Chapter Supplier of the Year, and the Rising Star of the Year.  Responsibilities also include developing the criteria for winning the awards, sending out nomination forms, obtaining the awards, obtaining chapter pins for 5-year, 10-year, 15-year and 20-year members, and announcing all of the award recipients during the annual awards event in May.